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Close to London you’d be forgiven for thinking of the South East as an built-up urban landscape. But, with a coastline on the English Channel and two national parks, the region is well known for its countryside and varied landscapes. In the South East we deliver off road training to many businesses and organisations across the region. From Ambulance HART teams, Search and Rescue Teams, Utilities companies like BT and plenty of agricultural businesses and civil engineers. 

Where possible we’ll always recommend delivering our off road training, like our 4×4, winch, trailer, quad and ATV courses on site, at your location. This gives drivers ‘real life’ practical practise and learning. It give drivers and vehicle operators the chance to practice under real-life conditions to that they experience the same surroundings, hazards, and landmarks that they would during their professional day-to-day life.

Our off road driver training will be tailored to cover specific scenarios, situations and equipment to fulfil any Health and Safety requirements. Plus our training is unique approved by RoSPA.

If it is not possible to safely carryout the training at your location we have a number of dedicated off road sites throughout the South East region. Take a look at our various locations below for more details.  

Off Road Courses in Berkshire

Off Road Courses in Berkshire

With a few areas flat off roading land, ample places with bigger dips, routes for experienced drivers and a range of hazards, our off road centre in Hampshire is perfect for both novice and experienced drivers. 

There are plenty of dips, trenches and rough terrain making it the perfect location for winch training, advanced 4×4 off roading, trailer training and UTV, ATV and Quad bike training.

Safety is our primary concern which is why we carry out our own Health and Safety checks at the site and conduct Risk Assessments for every course that we deliver. AT this site we have trained British Telecom, HART paramedics, Policing teams, Engineers and farmers, Wildlife Trusts and more.

Off Road Courses in Hampshire

Off Road Courses in Hampshire

Spanning 2000 acres of downland and woodland our location is a great place for winch training, 4×4 familiarisation, and all terrain vehicles.

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Sit In ATV
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Winch Training
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