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Eco Defensive Driver Training

Our Eco defensive driver training courses are delivered by our in-house, RoSPA accredited instructors. They have specifically designed for van and company car drivers to reduce accidents and improve fuel efficiency.

Course Overview

With the cost of fuel is at the highest level in decades. Outside influences are also continuing to push up prices to unseen levels. Companies across the UK are also being forced to assess their impact on the environment. With this in mind many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their fuel consumption in line with their corporate social responsibilities and to reduce costs. Fortunately, our eco defensive driver training are run company wide as part of eco-driving initiative, or they can be used individually for drivers who need to use high consumption vehicles. So if you have a fleet, or drivers with high millage, then take a look how this course can help you.


We run two similar courses which can be ran together or independently. 

Fuel efficient Defensive Driving Training Course: 

This course look at ways to reduce your annual vehicle fuel bills, and cut your vehicle maintenance bills by reducing accident damage. Our Fuel Efficient Defensive Driving (FEDD) course has a proven record of reducing fuel consumption and costs.

Eco-Driver Training – Fuel Efficiency Courses from the EST:

The Energy Saving Trust have recently opened up their training so that independent providers can run their renowned courses with full accreditation. The Eco-driving course can either be incorporated into one of our traditional defensive driving courses, or it can be run as a short-course option. The 50 minute short-course allows us to train up to eight drivers per day.

Funding is available for any of our courses which include the EST principles, which subsidises the cost of training to employers. With on-the-day fuel efficiencies averaging 14.4%, and proven ongoing savings of between 3%-6% in long-term studies, this approach is proven and effective.

Both are delivered on site.


Aimed At

Any van drivers, company-car drivers or drivers of high fuel consumption vehicles.

What's Covered



(depending on requirements.)

0.5 Day


We make all of our van drivers undertake this training. We've seen a huge reduction in overall fuel consumptions and costs and we couldn't be happier.

Sharon Mills, Fleet Manager

Our Eco Defensive Instructors


For more than 20 years we’ve been delivering specialist on road and off road professional driver training. Our main aim is to empower drivers. We instil driver safety and competancy by developing the right skills, knowledge and confidence to operate vehicles effectively. 

With regular training and assessments businesses see a reduction in incidents and save money associated with vehicle maintenance and insurance costs. 

Benefits of Driver Risk Assessments

Health & Safety

Satisfy internal H&S policies and procedures

Reduces Risk

And gives drivers the skills to use their vehicles more effectively

Reduces Costs

Lowering incidents means a reduction in vehicle and insurance costs

Driver Confidence

Confidence is developed by developing driver knowledge

Improved Safety

For all road users on UK roads

Address Risks

Associated with driving on business in the UK

Employee Retention

Improves retention by investing in people

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