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Standard Winch Operator Course

Our winch operator and recovery training courses set the industry standard for reducing risk during hazardous operations.

Whether you need winch training for operators in forestry, agriculture or heavy engineering, or have a team of drivers using 4x4s and all-terrain vehicles off-road, our courses are a practical and effective way of providing them with the knowledge, skills and ability to assess and manage risk.

All of Beyond Driving’s courses are designed to be responsive to the requirements of the clients. Plus our highly experienced winch instructors will tailor the delivery of the training to the needs of the candidates.


This is a 1 day training course. Courses will usually be run with the equipment that the candidates will be expected to use, and can include hand winches (tirfor or capstan types), vehicle mounted winches (hydraulic, PTO or electric, including fast spool types), or stand alone winches (static or trailer mounted).

Aimed At

The Standard Winch Operator training course is aimed at novice operators. Operators may be expected to assist in winching operations, or run standard single line pulls themselves.

We can train up to 3 winch operators per instructor. 

What's Covered


(depending on requirements)

2 Days

(max 3 candidates)


We're always really impressed with the training provided by Beyond Driving. The training they provide ensures that we can conduct rescues under pressure in any terrain.

BARB Search & Rescue
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Your Winch Operator
Course Instructor

Over the years we’ve taught many leading organisations and corporate businesses in how to operate machines and specialist vehicles with safety and control. 

All of our instructors are uniquely certified by RoSPA, meaning they have the highest assurances of their safety in training. 

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Course Benefits

Convenient Location

Covered at your venue or at one of our off-road centres

Reduces Incidents

And gives drivers the skill to use their vehicles more effectively

RoSPA Assured

Fully assured by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

Aides Compliance

With PUWER and H&S legislation

Experienced Instructors

Collectively we have over 50 years experience.

Off Road Driver Training

Advanced Winch Operator Training

For operators who may be expected to manage winching operations, or run complex and multi-line pulls themselves.

4×4 Familiarisation Training

Preparing 4×4 operators for driving in the snow, ice and flood conditions.

Professional 4×4 Driver Training

For professional operators of off-road and all terrain vehicles. 

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