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Driver Risk Assessments

Driving is considered one of the most dangerous ‘at work’ activities. According to RoSPA, research shows that on average, 20 people are killed and 220 are seriously injured every week. These cases unfortunately involve someone driving or using the road for work purposes. Driver risk assessment and training is therefore an essential element of managing employee health and safety at work. 

Working throughout the UK, we have specialists who can assess drivers of company cars, vans, 4x4s, LGV, PCV, D1 and B+E combinations.

Because Employers have a duty of care to assess, train and supervise staff who drive as part of their job, our Driver Risk Assessment and training has been designed to ultimately reduce risk. Developed on-site our assessments are tailored to your specific requirements. We provide on-line driver training profiling prior to our in-vehicle assessments to ensure the program is tailored to your business and industry.


With instructors located around the UK all training and assessments take place at the workplace.  Our driver assessments typically begin with a short driving questionnaire outline each driver’s working practices and vehicle use. From this we then collate information about their regular journeys and driving history to effectively assess risk.

This is followed by a practical on-road assessment. During the practical we assess driving habits, attitude and behaviours to determine any relevant and beneficial training. This includes driver safety techniques and ways to reduce driver emissions through excessive fuel consumption, which ultimately reduces costs of insurance and fuel. 

Once an assessment has taken place with all findings recorded, you will then receive a report outlining any risks present for individual drivers or through company practice. We will also recommend a course of action which may involve either further training for individual employees who are seen to be at risk through their driving, or implementation of driving policies company-wide to reduce occupational road risk.

Aimed At

Driver Risk Assessments are for any drivers that are required to travel to and from work, or drive vehicles as part f their job. We recommend that business carry out Driver Risk Assessments in the following situations:

– As part of the interview process (up to 6 drivers/day/assessor – assessment only)

– With new employees who are expected to drive as part of their job (up to 2 drivers/day/assessor assessment & basic training)

– When drivers’ vehicles change (up to 4 drivers/day/assessor – assessment & basic training)

– Periodically, as part of the ongoing process of managing occupational road risk (up to 4 drivers/day/assessor – assessment & top-up training)

What's Covered


(depending on requirements.)

0.5 - 1 Day


Using Beyond Driving for our Driver Risk Assessments, ensures that we can do everything we can to limit accidents. A huge thanks to the team at Beyond Driving.

Paul Adcock, HR

Our Driver Risk Assessors

For commercial fleets, safety is paramount. As a business your drivers are your responsibility. Therefore, it’s your duty to ensure their safety and the safety of other road users. 

At Beyond Driving we provide training in accordance with your Health and Safety policies. We work closely with employers and individuals, tailoring training to meet requirements. 

Benefits of Driver Risk Assessments

Health & Safety

Satisfy internal H&S policies and procedures

Reduces Risk

And gives drivers the skills to use their vehicles more effectively.

Reduces Costs

Lowering incidents means a reduction in vehicle and insurance costs.

Driver Confidence

Confidence is developed by developing driver knowledge

Improved Safety

For all road users on UK roads

Address Risks

Associated with driving on business in the UK

Employee Retention

Improves retention by investing in people.

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