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Off Road Courses Scotland

Scotland has some of the most diverse terrain in the UK. With dramatic mountain ranges and glens, forests, moorlands, and a highly indented coastline, there is a huge demand for our off road courses. Utility companies looking to travel to off road locations, agricultural workers working on rough terrains, and coast guards that require winch training will be able to find all of their training needs at Beyond Driving. 

 Most of our off road training in the region takes place on site, at your working location. This gives drivers ‘real life’ practical practise and learning. It means that they encounter the same surroundings, hazards, and landmarks that they would during their professional day-to-day life. However, when we book with us we will build a RoSPA approved training course around you. Our off road driver training will be tailored to cover specific scenarios, situations and equipment to fulfil any PUWER and Health and Safety requirements. 

If it is not possible to safely carryout the training at your location we have access to a number of off road sites throughout Scotland. 

Off Roading in Scotland

Off Roading in Scotland

Our centre in Scotland delivers one of best and most challenging off road driving courses in Scotland. Whether you’re looking for challenging terrain, exposure to all weather conditions or to gain more experience with natural obstacles, then this is the place to train. 

This huge driving range offers a safe place to carry out essential training on some of the steepest inclines, the muddiest trenches and some fairly deep water-filled gullies. This centre is perfect for all of our off road courses, including 4×4, winch courses, trailer training and Quad bike training.

We regularly train the Hereford and and Worcester Fire Service, as well as independent agricultural and horticultural businesses. 

Areas Covered

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Popular Off Road Courses

Advanced Winch Operator Training

For operators who may be expected to manage winching operations, or run complex and multi-line pulls themselves.

Professional 4×4 Driver Training

For professional and fleet operators of off-road and all-terrain capable vehicles. 

Quad Bike Operator Training

A refresher course for ATV/ATC riders or novice riders in need of full certification.

Off Road Driving Experts

We work extensively across the UK providing expert off-road courses for drivers and specialist vehicle operators. 

Our 4×4, ATVTrailer handling and winch operator courses are uniquely certified by RoSPA, ensuring the highest standards in training, delivery and assessments. We’re the only centre in the UK with RoSPA certified status, when it comes to safety standards we’re industry leading.

As specialist driving instructors we’re trusted to deliver courses to the public and private sectors, government organisations and the emergency services. 

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