The benefits of RoSPA Assured Driver Training

Drivers and specialist vehicle operators across the UK can now benefit from top-quality driver training, thanks to Beyond Driving. The company is the only RoSPA approved center in the UK, offering professional driver training courses that guarantee maximum safety. Here are just a

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Can I tow a trailer? A Complete guide to towing in the UK

Can I Tow a Trailer? The Complete Guide to Towing Trailers in the UK

On the 16th December 2021 the law around towing trailers changed. In a bid to tackle the HGV driver shortage, the Government scrapped the car and trailer towing test, allowing licence holders to tow by default.

Almost a year on

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Using ATVs in Farming and Forestry

Using ATVs in Farming and Forestry

From November 2023 it will become law, that anyone operating an ATV for work purposes will have to undertake accredited training. They will also have to wear a helmet.

Royal Agriculture University.

A Guide on the correct and safe use

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Understanding Corporate manslaughter and driver training for your fleet

Effective Ways to Reduce Fleet Expenses During A Cost of Living Crisis.

In 2022 the UK was propelled into the worst cost of living crisis since the 1950s. As inflation increases, businesses, as well as consumers, are feeling the pinch. Businesses in particular are having a hard time absorbing these costs, in a bid

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Our training helps to keep your fleet moving this winter

Keep Your Fleet Moving This Winter

Fleet managers are under more pressure than ever to ensure that drivers are able to deliver, whatever the weather, so what are the options?

There was a time when the only option to keep driving during the winter was to

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4x4 Training and PUWER

PUWER and 4×4 Training

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) cover the use of 4×4 vehicles in the workplace. This means that companies must ensure that their drivers receive ‘adequate information, instruction and training’ in their use.

Some operators are assumed

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Legislation and guidance for 4x4, winch and ATV operators

4×4, Winch, ATV Legislation & Guidance

There is a lot of legislation surrounding the use of 4x4 vehicles and ATVs, so we try to concentrate on laws and regulations for those using them in the workplace. We can also provide information on 4x4 certifications and training options: Off-road training

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RoSPA, Lantra, BORDA, DVSA. Understanding the training bodies

In the world of 4x4 accredited training there are many training bodies and professional associations. But what do all the 4×4 accreditations mean, and who are the certificating bodies?

We take a look and explain the key differences.

All Weather and All Terrain Driving

Until recently, every utility company had a fleet of identical and easily recognisable 4x4s which would see them through winters and over mountains. Thanks to recent innovations in traction control and the expansion

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A Guide to Driving 4x4s in the Winter

Off Road

Driving in wintery conditions can be challenging. In fact, according to Policy Advice, 17% of car crashes occur during the winter month.  While driving a 4x4 or four-wheel-drive (4wd) can be beneficial in winter, it won't protect you completely. This guide

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