The benefits of RoSPA Assured Driver Training

Drivers and specialist vehicle operators across the UK can now benefit from top-quality driver training, thanks to Beyond Driving. The company is the only RoSPA approved center in the UK, offering professional driver training courses that guarantee maximum safety. Here are just a few of the benefits of RoSPA Assured Driver Training from Beyond Driving.

  1. Improved Safety: Beyond Driving’s aim is to create safer, more competent drivers. With regular training and assessments, businesses can see a reduction in incidents and a decrease in costs associated with vehicle maintenance and insurance.
  2. Tailored Approach: Each of Beyond Driving’s driver courses is carefully tailored to meet an organization’s Health and Safety policies. The courses are designed to help organizations meet their duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).
  3. Increased Confidence: Beyond Driving’s Specialist Driving Instructors aim to instill driver safety and competency by developing the right skills, knowledge, and confidence in drivers. This leads to more efficient, confident drivers on the road.
  4. RoSPA Approved: Beyond Driving’s professional driver training courses are approved by RoSPA, ensuring the highest safety standards in training, delivery, and assessment. The company’s 4×4, ATV, Trailer handling, and winch operator courses are all certified by RoSPA, making Beyond Driving a trusted provider for the public and private sectors, farming and forestry, government organizations, and the emergency services.
  5. Cost Savings: With regular training and assessments, businesses can see a reduction in incidents, leading to cost savings on vehicle maintenance and insurance. Beyond Driving works closely with employers and individuals to tailor training to meet specific requirements, ensuring that their drivers are safe and competent on the road.

RoSPA Assured Driver Training from Beyond Driving provides numerous benefits for drivers and organizations. From increased safety and confidence to cost savings and a tailored approach, Beyond Driving is the leading RoSPA approved driver training center in the UK.


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