Empowering Instructors: Beyond Driving’s Off-Road 4×4 Driving Instructor Training

Empowering Instructors: Beyond Driving’s Off-Road 4×4 Driving Instructor Training

In the picturesque setting of Penrith, Beyond Driving recently conducted another engaging session of 4×4 driving instructor training in collaboration with the England and Wales Mountain Rescue Council. Underneath the expansive blue skies of Cumbria, the day unfolded with a focus on demonstration techniques, accompanied by a comprehensive recap session on theory and technical knowledge. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with such a professional group of in-house instructors. For a deeper dive into our driving instructor training programs, visit here.

Why In-House Training Matters

Recognizing the preference of some organisations to keep their training in-house, Beyond Driving has curated a comprehensive 4×4 driving instructor training program for employees aspiring to become proficient instructors. This evolving program, fine-tuned over several decades, prioritizes the incorporation of the highest and most up-to-date safety standards.

Lantra Approved Excellence

Our commitment to Health and Safety in 4×4 training has earned us the prestigious approval of Lantra, a testament to our dedication to excellence. The comprehensive course addresses crucial aspects such as risk assessments and dynamic risk management, ensuring participants understand the legislative framework within which all organisations operate.

What the Course Covers

Our 4×4 driving instructor training, approved by Lantra, is tailored for professional off-road instructors. Participants are equipped with a solid foundation in instructional techniques, in-depth knowledge of H&S legislation related to work-related driving, and a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities and limitations of a diverse range of 4×4 vehicles. Key topics covered include:

  • Understanding 4×4 and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) transmission systems
  • Operating vehicles on the move
  • Vehicle checks, including tyre suitability and optional equipment
  • ABS, Traction Control, and intelligent systems responding to diverse terrains
  • Stability programs (DSC/ASC/ESC/ESP)
  • Effective training delivery techniques
  • Assessment, fault finding, analysis, and remedial action
  • Session planning
  • Site Risk Assessment
  • Criteria-based training assessment

Closing the Loop: Off-Road 4×4 Driving Instructor Training

As organisations increasingly recognise the value of in-house training for 4×4 driving instructors, Beyond Driving stands at the forefront with its Lantra-approved program. Elevate your team’s capabilities, enhance safety standards, and navigate the world of off-road driving with confidence through our meticulously crafted Off-Road 4×4 Driving Instructor Training.


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