Enhancing Coastguard Skills: Beyond Driving’s Lantra 4×4 Training

Beyond Driving is thrilled to report the successful completion of the second day of our Lantra 4x4 driver training program for HM Coastguard in Lerwick, Shetland Islands. As trusted providers of nationally accredited driver training, we were delighted to have the opportunity to

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Unlocking Excellence: Lantra 4×4 Operator Training

Beyond Driving is pleased to announce another successful day of Lantra 4x4 operator training in Kent. Today, we had the privilege of delivering LANTRA Awards to Openreach, reaffirming our commitment to providing top-notch training solutions to our clients.

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Mastering Off-Road Driving: Beyond Driving’s 4×4 Familiarisation Course

Beyond Driving is thrilled to announce our latest offering: the 4x4 familiarisation course, aimed at operators of off-road capable vehicles. This essential training program equips participants with the skills and knowledge required to navigate adverse weather conditions and rough terrains safely and effectively.

Beyond Driving has been at the forefront of delivering Lantra 4x4 operator training, and today, we're excited to share our latest venture with BT Openreach in Exeter. Our commitment to excellence in off-road driving training continues as we equip operators with the skills

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Enhancing Off-Road Skills with 4×4 Operator Training

Beyond Driving is committed to delivering top-notch 4x4 operator training to professionals across various industries. Today, we had the privilege of providing Lantra Awards 4x4 operator training to DEFRA near Peterborough. This accredited course equips participants with the necessary skills to operate 4x4

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Enhance Your Off-Road Skills with LANTRA Assured 4×4 Operator Training

Despite the challenging weather conditions, Beyond Driving successfully conducted LANTRA assured 4x4 operator training today for the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust in Gloucestershire.

Our comprehensive 4x4 off-road course is tailored for 4WD operators seeking a refresher on essential skills. From mastering

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Welcoming Mark (Frosty) to the Beyond Driving Team!

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team of instructors at Beyond Driving - Mark, affectionately known as Frosty! Mark joins us on a full-time basis and brings with him a wealth of invaluable experience gained from his distinguished career

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Empowering BT with Lantra Assured 4×4 Training in Devon

Beyond Driving recently had the privilege of delivering Lantra 4x4 training to BT in Devon, providing a comprehensive and informative session that equips participants with essential off-road driving skills. This fab day of training covered all the latest health and safety legislation, ensuring

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Navigating Excellence: Lantra Approved Off Road 4×4 Driving Training

At Beyond Driving, we've been on the move, crisscrossing the country to deliver top-notch Lantra Operator 4x4 training. From the picturesque landscapes of Fife in Scotland to the charming locales of Kent, and now here in Gloucestershire with Avon Wildlife Trust, our accredited

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Providing Mountain Rescue with LANTRA Assured 4×4 Instructor Training

Beyond Driving is proud to have been actively engaged in Cumbria, delivering vital 4x4 instructor training to the dedicated members of Mountain Rescue England and Wales. Against the stunning backdrop of Keswick and Penrith, our team had the privilege of working alongside these

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