Empowering BT with Lantra Assured 4×4 Training in Devon

Empowering BT with Lantra Assured 4×4 Training in Devon

Beyond Driving recently had the privilege of delivering Lantra 4×4 training to BT in Devon, providing a comprehensive and informative session that equips participants with essential off-road driving skills. This fab day of training covered all the latest health and safety legislation, ensuring that participants are up-to-date with the legal framework governing off-road driving.

What’s Covered:

  1. Legal Framework (Health and Safety): Understanding the legal obligations and regulations related to off-road driving is essential for safe and compliant operations.
  2. 4×4, AWD, and All-Terrain Systems and Technology: Participants gain insight into the functionalities and capabilities of various off-road vehicle systems, enhancing their understanding of vehicle performance in different terrains.
  3. Vehicle Checks and Suitability Assessment: Learning to conduct thorough vehicle checks ensures that participants are equipped to assess the readiness and suitability of vehicles for off-road driving.
  4. PPE and Safety Equipment: Emphasising the importance of personal protective equipment and safety gear contributes to a culture of safety consciousness among participants.
  5. Driving Over Varied Terrain: Practical sessions cover driving techniques across diverse terrains, including mud, grass, rock, and uneven tracks, preparing participants for real-world off-road challenges.
  6. Ascending and Descending Steep Hills and Low Traction Inclines: Participants learn safe manoeuvring techniques for navigating challenging inclines, including emergency procedures for unexpected situations.
  7. Vehicle and Equipment Limitations: Understanding the limitations of vehicles and equipment is crucial for making informed decisions during off-road driving activities.
  8. Route Risk Assessment, Planning, and Safety Management: Participants develop skills in assessing route risks, planning journeys, and managing safety effectively throughout off-road expeditions.
  9. Driving Through Water: Techniques for safely navigating water obstacles are covered, ensuring participants are prepared for encounters with water bodies during off-road journeys.
  10. Regaining Traction and Emergency Procedures: Participants learn strategies for regaining traction in low-traction scenarios and emergency procedures for handling unexpected situations.
  11. Return to Road and Ongoing Maintenance Issues: Practical guidance on returning to road surfaces and ongoing vehicle maintenance ensures that participants are equipped to handle post-off-road driving tasks effectively.

This Lantra assured training provides BT employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive off-road vehicles confidently and safely within their working roles. To learn more about our Pro 4×4 Driver Training, visit our website here and discover how Beyond Driving can empower your team with expert off-road driving skills.


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