4x4 Familiarisation

We regularly run RoSPA accredited 4×4 familiarisation courses for utilities companies preparing drivers for the floods, snow, ice and adverse driving conditions they will face during the winter. The training aids clients to comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, and gives their 4×4 operators the knowledge required when assessing whether to drive in floods, snow and ice conditions.

Ideal for operators new to 4x4s, users of all-wheel drive road vehicles and to prepare drivers for winter use. Includes on-road driver training, carried out by 4x4 specialist DVSA ADIs and RoSPA certified instructors.

Preparing 4×4 drivers for floods, snow and ice.

Focussing on risk awareness for drivers using their vehicles on-road is essential, especially in adverse weather conditions, due to the increased risk presented by the conditions, the characteristics of 4x4 capable vehicles and third parties also using the road network.

We cover 4×4 transmissions (2-4wd selectable, permanent and AWD systems and how to operate them on the move), safety systems such as ABS, Traction Control and ESC/ESP. We show drivers how their machines will help give them grip under acceleration and braking, in a straight line and during cornering.

We have written company guidance notes for winter 4×4 driving on our Beyond 4×4 site.

We also cover best practice for flood driving, the dangers of aquaplaning, tyre choices, vehicle maintenance and preparation.

4x4 Familiarisation training courses:

  • RoSPA accredited 4x4 Familiarisation certificate
  • Duration: 1/2 day equipment familiarisation and on-road training, 1/2 day off-road driving techniques
  • Max. 2 candidates/instructor day
  • Venue: Dependent upon needs – basic courses and 4×4 familiarisation can be covered at your venue, or at one of our off-road centres.
  • Trainer: DVSA Fleet Registered Trainer & ADI, RoSPA certified 4×4 trainer.
  • Benefits: Assists compliance with PUWER and H&S legislation. Reduces incidents and gives drivers the skill to use their vehicles more effectively.
  • Cost: From £200-£300/candidate (min 2 candidates)

For more information on 4×4 Familiarisation, Flood, Adverse Weather and Winter Driving for company drivers, contact us.