Nurturing Excellence: Beyond Driving’s Commitment to Continuing Professional Development

Nurturing Excellence: Beyond Driving’s Commitment to Continuing Professional Development

We’re excited to share insights into our ongoing commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for our esteemed instructor teams. Recently, we had the pleasure of engaging in a knowledge-sharing joint training session with Chris from Overland Training Canada, marking a valuable addition to our CPD endeavors.

International Collaboration: The past couple of days were nothing short of enlightening as we engaged in meaningful discussions with Chris from Overland Training Canada. Amidst talks on techniques and methodologies, our very own Tarka, the dog, added a touch of charm to the sessions. Beyond Driving values international relations, especially with like-minded professionals, setting the stage for a forthcoming trip across the Atlantic.

Why CPD Matters: For us, CPD is more than just a requirement; it’s a pledge to uphold excellence. Experience is irreplaceable, and our staff boasts global expertise gained over years of dedicated service. All our instructors are certified specialists in their respective domains, ensuring you have the right people for the job. Our global reputation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to professional and correct training practices.

Partnering with Overland Training Canada: Our friends at Overland Training Canada stand as the leading professional off-road training company based in British Columbia, Canada. With operations spanning Canada, the USA, and beyond, their expertise aligns seamlessly with Beyond Driving’s vision for excellence.

For over two decades, Beyond Driving has been at the forefront of delivering specialist on-road and off-road professional driver training. Under the leadership of Tony Collinson since 2016, our partnership with RoSPA, the only one of its kind in the UK, solidifies our position as a trusted provider of bespoke specialist training programs to high-profile clients nationwide.

Off-Road Driving Excellence: Our influence extends across the UK, offering expert off-road courses for drivers and specialist vehicle operators. Uniquely certified by RoSPA, our 4×4, ATV, Trailer handling, and winch operator courses set industry standards. We proudly serve various sectors, including farming, forestry, government organizations, and emergency services, tailoring each course to meet specific Health and Safety policies and obligations.

At Beyond Driving, we believe in empowering drivers through the right skills, knowledge, and confidence. Our commitment to safety, as reflected in our RoSPA certified status, makes us industry leaders. To explore our diverse range of courses and learn more about our journey, visit Beyond Driving. Trust us to keep your drivers and your company safe!


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