Mastering UTV Operations with Beyond Driving: Gloucestershire Constabulary Rural Crime Team Leads the Way

Mastering UTV Operations with Beyond Driving: Gloucestershire Constabulary Rural Crime Team Leads the Way

Beyond Driving recently had the privilege of providing UTV Operator Training to the esteemed Gloucestershire Constabulary Rural Crime Team, marking another successful collaboration with this highly professional outfit.

Elevating UTV Proficiency: A Closer Look at Beyond Driving’s Training Courses

Our 1-day UTV or Sit-in ATV safety course stands as a comprehensive introduction to ATV operations, delving into relevant health and safety legislation. Designed for operators seeking a deep understanding of the machine’s capabilities and limitations, this course ensures competence in safe UTV/ATV operation across various terrains, incorporating essential safety procedures.

Course Highlights: Unlocking UTV Mastery

  1. Legislation and Safety Briefing:
    • Gain insights into UTV systems and crucial health and safety legislation, including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, PUWER 1998, Management Regulations 1999, and Noise and Vibration Regulations.
    • Comprehend safety and legal requirements, covering the selection of appropriate PPE, safe practices, warning signs, and guards.
  2. Technical Understanding:
    • Identify and interpret information from the user manual effectively.
    • Learn to load and unload the machine from trailers/lorries with precision.
  3. Operational Competence:
    • Develop the ability to carry out pre and post-operation checks and maintenance comprehensively.
    • Master the art of preparing the UTV for work, adjusting safety devices, and loading the machine safely.
  4. Machine Dynamics:
    • Understand the construction and working principles of the UTV, encompassing drive and transmission systems.
    • Demonstrate control proficiency, starting up and driving the machine safely across diverse ground conditions.
  5. Terrain Familiarization:
    • Introduce operators to varied terrains, including ascents, descents, side slopes, water crossings (where available), ruts, and ditches.
    • Explore weight transfer implications on vehicle dynamics, safety, and handling.

Why UTV Operator Training Matters: Beyond Compliance

Beyond Driving’s UTV Operator Training is not just about meeting legal requirements, including the Health and Safety at Work Act, PUWER 1998, Management Regulations, and the Corporate Manslaughter Act. It goes beyond compliance to enhance skills, prevent accidents, and reduce associated costs to your business.

Ideal for anyone using a UTV or ATV in their professional capacity, our course stands as a testament to Beyond Driving’s commitment to excellence in off-road driver training.

Learn more about our UTV and Sit-in ATV Operator Training here. Elevate your team’s skills and ensure safe and proficient UTV operations with Beyond Driving.


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