Lantra 4×4 Training in Somerset

Lantra 4×4 Training in Somerset

In the picturesque Somerset, Beyond Driving has been actively delivering specialised Lantra 4×4 training, tailored to the unique needs of clients engaged in wildlife filmmaking. This region, known for its varied landscapes and challenging terrains, provides the perfect backdrop for rigorous off-road driving training, ensuring that film crews are well-prepared to navigate the natural environment safely and efficiently.

Tailored Training for Wildlife Filmmakers

Wildlife filmmakers often face the challenge of navigating rough terrains in pursuit of capturing the natural world. Recognising the need for specialized driving skills under such conditions, Beyond Driving’s Lantra 4×4 training is designed to equip operators with the knowledge and skills necessary for driving off-road in diverse and often unpredictable weather conditions. The course focuses not only on basic 4×4 operations but also on advanced techniques essential for the safe and effective management of 4WD vehicles in adverse environments.

Course Objectives and Content

The Lantra 4×4 training course in Somerset covers a comprehensive range of topics, aimed at both novice and experienced 4×4 operators. Here’s what the course includes:

Legal Framework and Health and Safety: Understanding the legal aspects and health and safety requirements is crucial for all 4×4 operators, ensuring compliance with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).

Machine Knowledge: Participants receive detailed instructions on the various types of 4×4 vehicles and their specific capabilities, which is essential for choosing the right vehicle for the right terrain.

Suitability Assessment: The course includes assessments of vehicle suitability for various off-road conditions, which is particularly important for film crews working in diverse environmental settings.

Pre-start Vehicle Checks: Essential checks before starting the vehicle ensure that all systems are functional and safe for operation in off-road conditions.

Safe Procedures and Observations: Safe driving techniques and observational skills are taught to handle potential hazards effectively.

Techniques for Rough Terrain: Specialized driving techniques for navigating through rough terrains are a core part of the training, enabling drivers to handle their vehicles in off-road conditions confidently.

Ascending and Descending Hills Safely: Techniques for safely tackling hills, an essential skill in the uneven landscapes typically encountered during wildlife filming.

Carrying Loads and Using Attachments: Understanding how to safely carry loads and use various attachments, such as snowploughs and sprayers, which can be crucial for maintaining access and mobility in remote filming locations.

Trailed Equipment: Operation of trailed equipment like gritters, spreaders, and trailers, is covered to ensure comprehensive training in all aspects of 4×4 operation.

Training Delivery and Certification

Training is delivered face-to-face by Beyond Driving’s fully LANTRA-certified instructors, utilizing company vehicles to provide hands-on, practical learning experiences on your premises. This approach not only enhances learning outcomes but also ensures that training is relevant to the specific vehicles and equipment used by the wildlife film crews.

Upon completion, participants are awarded a certification that is recognised nationally, not only as a mark of professional achievement but also as a crucial compliance element for health and safety in the workplace.

Why Choose Beyond Driving?

Choosing Beyond Driving’s Lantra 4×4 training in Somerset ensures that wildlife film crews can operate safely and effectively in challenging conditions, reducing the risk of accidents and enabling them to focus on the critical task of wildlife filmmaking. Our training programmes are recognized for their depth, practical relevance, and adherence to the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.

For more information or to enroll in our Lantra 4×4 training course, visit our website at Beyond Driving 4×4 Familiarisation. Secure your spot today and ensure that your team is fully prepared to tackle any challenge that the wild environments of Somerset and beyond may present.


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