Join the Team: Beyond Driving Seeks Experienced Trainers for Advanced On-Road and 4×4 Training in Neom, Saudi Arabia

Join the Team: Beyond Driving Seeks Experienced Trainers for Advanced On-Road and 4×4 Training in Neom, Saudi Arabia

Beyond Driving is currently at the forefront in Neom, Saudi Arabia, delivering cutting-edge advanced on-road and off-road training programs on behalf of RoSPA. With a robust three-member instructor team already in place, we are actively seeking more experienced trainers to bolster our ranks. If you have a proven track record in international delivery of both defensive on-road and 4×4 training, we want to hear from you!

Expanding Our Expertise in Neom

Our team in Neom is dedicated to providing top-tier training in both defensive on-road driving and 4×4 operation. The picturesque landscapes and diverse terrains of Neom provide the perfect backdrop for our training, enabling us to deliver comprehensive instruction that prepares individuals for real-world challenges.

Join Our Team of Professionals

If you have a wealth of experience in delivering training programs for defensive on-road driving and 4×4 operation, this is an incredible opportunity to join a team committed to excellence. We value trainers who possess international experience and a proven ability to impart knowledge effectively.

Send Us Your Credentials

If you’re interested in becoming part of our elite team, please email your current CV and supporting information to We’re eager to review applications from experienced trainers who share our dedication to providing exceptional training experiences.

Picturesque Training Environment

Accompanying this article are captivating photos showcasing our 4×4 training vehicles navigating through soft sand and dramatic canyons. These images highlight the practical nature of our training, showcasing students learning how to tow a stranded vehicle, a crucial skill for off-road environments.

Advancing Skills in the Heart of Saudi Arabia

Join us in advancing skills and expertise in one of the most captivating and challenging terrains in the world. Neom, Saudi Arabia, offers a unique opportunity to be part of an international team dedicated to delivering high-quality training experiences.

Take the Next Step with Beyond Driving

For trainers passionate about international training and possessing a strong background in both defensive on-road and 4×4 instruction, this is your chance to be part of a dynamic team making a difference in Neom, Saudi Arabia. Reach out to us with your credentials, and let’s explore this exciting opportunity together.

Beyond Driving is committed to expanding our team with experienced professionals who share our passion for delivering exceptional training experiences. Contact us today and be part of our journey toward excellence in driver training in Neom, Saudi Arabia.


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