Elevate Your Off-Road Skills: Beyond Driving’s 4×4 Operator Training

Beyond Driving has been at the forefront of delivering Lantra 4×4 operator training, and today, we’re excited to share our latest venture with BT Openreach in Exeter. Our commitment to excellence in off-road driving training continues as we equip operators with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate challenging terrain safely and effectively.

Enhance Your Off-Road Proficiency

Our 4×4 off-road course is tailored for 4WD operators seeking to refine their skills and knowledge. From vehicle familiarity to preparing for winter driving conditions, our comprehensive training covers every aspect essential for confident and competent off-road driving. Designed to ensure compliance with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), our course prepares operators to navigate various challenges, including snow, ice, and flood conditions.

Comprehensive Training for Safety and Compliance

Ensuring compliance with health and safety recommendations and PUWER regulations is paramount, especially when operating larger vehicles with a high centre of gravity. Our training goes beyond off-road scenarios, incorporating on-road elements to address occupational road risks effectively. By providing a holistic approach to training, we empower operators to handle emergency situations and adverse weather conditions with confidence and competence.

Entry and Refresher Courses Available

Whether you’re an experienced off-road operator seeking to enhance your skills or a newcomer looking to enter the world of 4×4 driving, our course caters to your needs. Our 4×4 off-road course serves as an entry point for experienced operators looking to expand their skill set. Additionally, if you’ve already obtained your Pro 4×4 certificate, our refresher course offers invaluable insights and updates to keep you at the top of your game.

Join Beyond Driving in Elevating Your Off-Road Experience

Embark on a journey to elevate your off-road skills with Beyond Driving’s 4×4 operator training. Our courses are designed to empower operators with the confidence and competence needed to tackle any terrain safely and effectively.

Learn More and Enroll Today

To learn more about our 4×4 operator training courses and take the next step towards enhancing your off-road proficiency, visit our website or contact us today. Elevate your off-road experience with Beyond Driving.

Explore our off-road driving courses and unlock your potential on any terrain.


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