Beyond Driving Delivers Lantra Awards ATV Training to Dream Team Television

Beyond Driving Delivers Lantra Awards ATV Training to Dream Team Television

Yesterday, Beyond Driving had the pleasure of delivering a comprehensive LANTRA Awards ATV training course to Dream Team Television near South Cerney, Gloucestershire. Our team of LANTRA-assured instructors ensured that the training was tailored to the specific needs and terrains encountered by the operators, reinforcing our commitment to the highest standards of health and safety.

Essential Quad Bike Training for Workplace Operators

Operating a quad bike or UTV as part of your job necessitates proper training to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. Although a quad bike licence is not required in the UK, adequate training is crucial under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 98. Our LANTRA-assured Sit-Astride All-Terrain Vehicle (quad bike) certification helps operators meet their regulatory duties, as advised by the Health and Safety Executive.

Tailored Training for Diverse Situations

Our quad bike training courses are specifically devised for operators in various workplace settings. We cover a wide range of situations and terrains, ensuring that riders are fully prepared for their specific operational environments. Whether you’re working in agriculture, industrial sites, forestry, or public parks, our training is designed to meet your unique needs.

Comprehensive Training Across the UK

We have trained many quad riders across numerous locations in the UK, including:

  • Agricultural Settings: Training operators with trailers and towed equipment such as flails and harvesters.
  • Industrial Sites: Providing training for ATV operators on sites ranging from landfill locations to shopping centres.
  • Forestry Contractors: Ensuring safe operations in challenging forest terrains.
  • Local Parks and Gardens Staff: Tailoring courses to meet the needs of public park and garden maintenance teams.

Specialised Training for Emergency Situations

Recently, we have collaborated with several organisations requiring specialised training for ATVs and quad bikes equipped with towed gritters and snowploughs. This specialised training is essential for ensuring safe and efficient operations during adverse weather conditions, particularly in farming and forestry sectors.

Discover the Importance of Proper ATV Training

Proper training in the use of ATVs is crucial for safety and efficiency in various operational contexts. Our courses are designed to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle ATVs safely and effectively, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall operational efficiency.

For more information about our quad bike training courses and to discover how we can help you ensure the safe and effective use of ATVs in your operations, visit our Quad Bike Training page.


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