BBC Film Crews Gear Up with Beyond Driving’s ATV Training for Gabon Expedition

BBC Film Crews Gear Up with Beyond Driving’s ATV Training for Gabon Expedition

Beyond Driving is thrilled to share an exciting collaboration with the prestigious BBC Film Crews! Our team recently conducted comprehensive ATV training for the camera and production staff from the BBC. This bespoke training took place in picturesque Gloucestershire, preparing the crew for their upcoming expedition to Gabon in West Africa, where they will be capturing content in extreme environments.

The BBC’s dedication to delivering high-quality content is truly commendable, and we’re proud to have played a role in their preparations for this challenging adventure. Our ATV training programme was carefully designed to equip the crew with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate rough terrains, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout their filming activities.

With the diverse landscapes and demanding conditions of Gabon in mind, Beyond Driving’s expert instructors provided the BBC Film Crews with in-depth training on ATV operation, hazard management, risk assessment, and emergency procedures. This bespoke training approach ensures that the crew is fully equipped to handle the unique challenges they may encounter during their West Africa expedition.

Taking full advantage of Gloucestershire’s scenic beauty and varied terrains, our training sessions immersed the BBC crew in practical scenarios that mimic the environments they will be working in. This hands-on experience enhances their situational awareness and allows them to fine-tune their ATV handling skills, setting them up for success in Gabon.

At Beyond Driving, safety is paramount. We ensured that the BBC team received thorough instruction on personal protective equipment (PPE) protocols and preventive measures to ensure their well-being while operating ATVs. Our partnership with the BBC underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional training solutions tailored to unique requirements.

We’re excited to see the BBC Film Crews’ journey unfold as they venture into extreme environments for their upcoming project. Beyond Driving is proud to have contributed to their preparations, and we wish them all the best for their Gabon expedition!

Follow the hashtag #ATVTraining to stay updated on this exciting collaboration. If you’re seeking professional driver training, especially in extreme conditions, and want the assurance of RoSPA accreditation, Beyond Driving is your ideal partner. Learn more about our training programmes and how we can support your unique requirements on our website here.

Let’s drive beyond boundaries and ensure your team is ready for any adventure through our comprehensive training solutions.


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