Navigating the Road to Safety: Driver Risk Management at National Grid’s Worcester Depot

Driving for work activities poses significant risks, with statistics revealing that, on average, 20 people are killed and 220 are seriously injured every week in incidents related to work-related driving. Beyond Driving, as a leader in driver risk management, recently conducted assessments for new starters at National Grid’s Worcester depot, exemplifying our commitment to ensuring safer roads and drivers.

The Importance of Driver Risk Management

Health and safety law extends to work activities on the road, making driving one of the most perilous ‘at work’ activities. To address this, a robust driver risk management programme is crucial. Such programmes not only enhance safety but also yield cost savings and protect the brand. Identifying high-risk drivers allows targeted training, optimising benefits while reducing costs, time, and disruptions to the business.

Conducting Comprehensive Risk Assessments

As part of health and safety arrangements, conducting a risk assessment is paramount. Key areas include evaluating the journey, the driver or rider, and the vehicle. Hazards such as roadworks, traffic, vehicle condition, fatigue, distraction, time pressures, weather, and the behaviour of other road users are scrutinised.

Beyond Driving, with instructors nationwide, conducts training and risk assessments directly at the workplace. The process begins with a detailed driving questionnaire to understand each driver’s practices and vehicle use. This information, combined with driving history, informs a comprehensive risk assessment.

Practical On-Road Assessment

A practical on-road assessment follows, focusing on driving habits, attitudes, and behaviours. This assessment identifies areas for potential improvement, covering driver safety techniques and ways to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Especially crucial in times of a cost-of-living crisis, these measures contribute to reducing insurance and fuel costs.

Tailored Recommendations and Action Plans

Post-assessment, a detailed report is provided outlining any identified risks for individual drivers or within company practices. Recommendations may involve further training for high-risk drivers or the implementation of company-wide driving policies to reduce occupational road risk.

Beyond Driving’s Specialised Training Solutions

Explore our specialist driver training that spans both on and off-road applications for various industries. Beyond Driving is committed to fostering a culture of safety on the roads, one driving risk management assessment at a time.


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