Mastering Trailer Handling with Beyond Driving in Stroud, Gloucestershire

Beyond Driving is thrilled to announce our recent trailer handling training program in Stroud, Gloucestershire, where we had the privilege of delivering Lantra Awards Trailer handling to Ubico. Our comprehensive course equips participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to handle trailers safely and effectively, ensuring compliance with legislation and promoting best practices in trailer operation.

Suitable for All Drivers

Our trailer handling course is designed to accommodate drivers of all levels of experience, making it suitable for anyone with a full driver’s license obtained after 1997. Whether you’re a novice trailer operator looking to gain confidence or an experienced driver seeking to refresh your skills, our program caters to your needs. We provide trailer test training for the DVSA category B+E Car and Trailer test at selected venues, ensuring that participants receive the necessary preparation to pass with flying colors.

Comprehensive Curriculum

During our trailer handling course, participants will cover a wide range of essential topics, including:

  • Understanding trailer weight and maximum authorised mass (MAM)
  • Equipment and capabilities assessment
  • Pre-operation trailer checks
  • Trailer health and safety protocols
  • Proper trailer loading and security procedures
  • Coupling and uncoupling exercises
  • Safe reversing techniques, including reverse cornering in built-up areas
  • Addressing stability and snaking issues
  • Clearance considerations
  • Situational awareness and hazard identification
  • Interactive Q&A sessions for comprehensive understanding
  • Trailer test and assessment preparation

Focus on Safety and Practical Skills

At Beyond Driving, safety is our top priority. That’s why our trailer handling training program emphasizes safe practices and practical skills development. Participants will learn how to navigate various challenges commonly encountered while towing trailers, such as reversing in confined spaces and maintaining stability on the road. With modern, well-appointed vehicle and trailer combinations, our training ensures that drivers can focus on safety while mastering the art of trailer handling.

Join Beyond Driving for Exceptional Training

Whether you’re a fleet manager seeking to enhance the skills of your team or an individual driver looking to improve your trailer handling abilities, Beyond Driving is here to support you every step of the way. Our trailer handling courses are designed to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to operate trailers safely and confidently.

Learn more about our trailer handling training program and take the first step toward mastering trailer operation with Beyond Driving.

Explore our trailer training courses and discover how you can elevate your trailer handling skills to new heights.


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