Mastering Safe Trailer Handling: Beyond Driving’s Accredited Courses

Mastering Safe Trailer Handling: Beyond Driving’s Accredited Courses

Beyond Driving continues to champion safety on the roads, recently delivering two accredited trailer handling courses in Gloucester for National Grid. These courses, meticulously designed to cover all health and safety (H&S) and compliance legislation, equip participants with essential skills for using trailers in their professional roles.

The Importance of Trailer Handling Courses

Towing trailers, whether for work, leisure, or transporting mobile plant, requires a combination of hazard awareness, safe practices, driving competence, and knowledge of trailer laws. Beyond Driving’s trailer handling courses are accredited, ensuring participants meet health and safety requirements for the ‘Safe Use of Trailers at Work.’ These courses play a pivotal role in accident prevention and fostering safety awareness when utilizing trailers in the workplace.

Comprehensive Coverage for Safety and Compliance

Our trailer handling courses leave no stone unturned. Participants gain a deep understanding of crucial aspects, including:

  1. Trailer Weight and Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM): Understanding the importance of weight distribution and limits.
  2. Equipment and Capabilities: Grasping the intricacies of the equipment being used and one’s own capabilities.
  3. Trailer Checks Before Operation: Learning the essential pre-operation checks to ensure the trailer’s roadworthiness.
  4. Trailer Health and Safety: Exploring health and safety protocols related to trailer usage.
  5. Loading and Security: Understanding proper loading techniques and ensuring secure cargo transport.
  6. Coupling and Uncoupling Exercises: Mastering the safe attachment and detachment of trailers.
  7. Reversing in Built-Up Areas: Navigating the challenges of reversing and cornering in urban environments.
  8. Stability and Snaking Problems: Identifying and addressing stability issues and snaking problems.
  9. Clearance Issues: Understanding and managing clearance challenges during trailer operation.
  10. Awareness of Surroundings: Developing a heightened awareness of the surroundings for safe trailer operation.
  11. Show and Tell Questions and Answers: Encouraging interactive learning through practical questions and answers.
  12. Trailer Test and Assessment: Evaluating participants’ skills through a comprehensive test and assessment.

Empowering Individuals for Safe Trailer Operation

Beyond Driving’s trailer handling courses empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to safely operate trailers in diverse professional settings. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with H&S regulations or preventing accidents, these courses are a cornerstone of road safety.

For those seeking to satisfy health and safety legislation regarding the ‘Safe Use of Trailers at Work,’ Beyond Driving provides accredited courses that deliver results. Learn more about our trailer handling courses and join us in promoting a culture of safety on the roads.


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