Enhancing Trailer Handling Skills: Beyond Driving Collaborates with National Grid for Tailored Training

Enhancing Trailer Handling Skills: Beyond Driving Collaborates with National Grid for Tailored Training

Delivering RoSPA Assured Trailer Handling Courses Across Multiple Locations

At Beyond Driving, we are proud to have recently conducted a series of trailer handling courses and assessments for the dedicated staff of National Grid. These RoSPA assured courses, held in Gloucester, Worcester, and Swansea, play a vital role in ensuring staff compliance and equipping them with the necessary skills for commercial towing within their roles.

Our team at Beyond Driving has been delivering comprehensive trailer handling operator training to the professionals at National Grid. These sessions have encompassed a blend of theoretical knowledge, covering essential legislation, coupled with hands-on practical skills required for safe trailer usage within their operational roles.

While our training caters to various industries, such as agricultural, horticultural, fire, and rescue, this specific trailer handling course was designed for on-road drivers focusing on towing trailers within urban areas. This tailored course ensures participants possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and awareness to navigate potential hazards effectively.

For on-road trailer towing and handling, our training places significant emphasis on the risks associated with driving a trailer and how these risks impact other road users. We thoroughly examine the challenges of driving in heavy traffic, maneuvering through narrow rural lanes, and the safe uncoupling of trailers.

Regardless of the terrain, trailer handling always involves added risks. Therefore, our trailer handling courses are meticulously developed to align with organisational needs and Health & Safety policies. Additionally, we offer a RoSPA accredited Off-Road Trailer course to address diverse training requirements.

Our certified RoSPA instructors provide face-to-face training that can be conducted either at our centres or your premises, utilising company vehicles. The training methodology integrates practical training sessions and comprehensive assessments.

Here’s a snapshot of what our trailer handling courses cover:

  • Understanding trailer weight and maximum authorised mass (MAM)
  • Equipment and capabilities comprehension
  • Pre-operation trailer checks
  • Trailer health and safety protocols
  • Loading, security, coupling, and uncoupling exercises
  • Urban area reverse corning and reversing
  • Addressing stability, snaking problems, and clearance issues
  • Enhancing environmental awareness
  • Interactive Q&A sessions
  • Trailer test and assessments

To learn more about our trailer handling courses and assessments, we encourage you to visit our website at Beyond Driving – Trailer Training On-Road.

Join us at Beyond Driving as we empower organisations like National Grid with specialised training solutions that enhance safety and proficiency in trailer handling.


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