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Empowering Safe Driving: Beyond Driving’s Bespoke Training Services

At Beyond Driving, we understand the importance of tailored training solutions to meet the specific needs of organisations. That’s why we were delighted to spend the afternoon in Wiltshire, delivering bespoke theory-based seminars to MJ Abbott as part of their Health & Safety day. Our interactive sessions provided comprehensive coverage of their unique requirements, highlighting our commitment to delivering tailored solutions for every client.

Eco Defensive Driver Training: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

Our Eco Defensive Driver Training courses, conducted by our in-house, LANTRA accredited instructors, are meticulously designed to address the needs of van and company car drivers. With a focus on reducing accidents and improving fuel efficiency, this comprehensive training program equips drivers with essential defensive driving skills. By empowering drivers to make safer and more fuel-efficient choices, our course plays a crucial role in helping commercial fleets mitigate the risks associated with fuel consumption, especially in remote areas.

Van Driver Training: Optimising Safety and Efficiency

The Department of Transport reports over 1.5 million vans registered to companies across the UK, highlighting the critical need for specialised van driver training. Our Van Driver Training courses are delivered onsite across the UK, enhancing driver safety, confidence, and efficiency. Evolving from the original SAFED courses, our training programs have a proven track record in reducing diesel consumption and improving vehicle health.

For van drivers and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) operators, we offer two comprehensive training options:

  1. LCV Familiarisation: This training focuses on driver safety and fuel efficiency, helping drivers save up to 15% on fuel costs through simple driving techniques. By promoting safe and efficient driving practices, this course generates substantial savings on maintenance, insurance premiums, and fuel consumption.
  2. Van Awareness Training: Ideal for meeting Health and Safety requirements, this training provides in-depth knowledge of loading and speed limitations, as well as the risks associated with manual handling and restricted vision.

Assessments and E-Learning Courses

We also offer driver assessment and Van Driver e-learning courses, catering to companies looking to include assessments as part of the recruitment process. Our online assessments ensure that drivers are thoroughly evaluated for their knowledge and skills.

Learn More and Enhance Your Fleet’s Performance

Discover how Beyond Driving’s bespoke training solutions can enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance within your organisation. Visit our website to explore our comprehensive training programs and take the first step towards optimising your fleet’s performance.

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