Commercial Fleet Driving Risk Assessments: Beyond Driving’s Expertise in Action

Commercial Fleet Driving Risk Assessments: Beyond Driving’s Expertise in Action

Pioneering Safety in Grantham: How Beyond Driving is Mitigating Road Risks for National Grid

Driving is inherently one of the most hazardous activities associated with employment, with alarming statistics showing that on average, 20 people are killed and 220 seriously injured every week in accidents involving work-related driving in the UK. Recognizing the crucial need for comprehensive driving risk assessments, Beyond Driving has been diligently conducting these evaluations for National Grid in Grantham, as part of a national service aimed at enhancing occupational road safety across a variety of sectors.

The Scope of Beyond Driving’s Assessments

Our services encompass a broad spectrum of vehicle types, including company cars, vans, 4x4s, and larger vehicles such as LGVs and PCVs, catering to a diverse clientele that requires meticulous attention to driving safety. With the legal backdrop compelling employers to undertake rigorous assessments, training, and supervision of their driving staff, Beyond Driving’s programs are not merely a regulatory formality but a crucial step towards safeguarding employees and the public.

Tailored Assessments for Diverse Needs

Each driving risk assessment conducted by Beyond Driving is uniquely tailored to the specific requirements of the client. This bespoke approach begins with an online driver training profile, which helps tailor the subsequent in-vehicle assessments to the precise needs of the business and its industry context. This initial profiling is an integral part of our strategy to ensure that each assessment is as relevant and effective as possible.

A Day in the Life of an Assessment

Our typical assessment process for drivers includes an initial questionnaire that helps outline each driver’s working practices and vehicle usage. This information provides a foundational understanding of the driver’s regular journeys and driving history, essential for an effective risk assessment. The practical on-road assessment that follows is comprehensive, focusing on the driver’s habits, attitudes, and behaviours. This phase is crucial for identifying areas where specific training can enhance safety and reduce risks associated with driving habits.

Training Beyond Compliance

The practical elements of our assessment include not just safety techniques but also education on reducing emissions through more efficient driving practices. This aspect of training is increasingly important in the context of rising fuel costs and environmental concerns. The dual benefit of this training approach is a reduction in both operational costs and environmental impact, making it a compelling proposition for businesses.

Results and Recommendations

Following the assessment, Beyond Driving provides a detailed report outlining identified risks, both at the individual and company level. This report includes recommendations for further training for individuals identified as being at higher risk, as well as suggestions for company-wide policy implementations to mitigate occupational road risks.

When Are Assessments Recommended?

Beyond Driving recommends conducting Driver Risk Assessments in various scenarios, including during the interview process, when onboarding new employees, whenever there are changes in the vehicles used by employees, and periodically as part of managing ongoing occupational road risk. This systematic approach ensures that all potential risks are managed proactively.

What’s Covered in Our Assessments?

Our comprehensive assessments include:

• Individual employee questioning to understand specific driving patterns and concerns.

• On-site assessments tailored to the business environment.

• A comprehensive in-vehicle risk assessment.

• Extensive written assessments and actionable recommendations.

• Education on safety and driving efficiency to help reduce costs.

Beyond Driving’s Risk Assessors

Our team of Driver Risk Assessors is highly qualified, with each assessor possessing deep knowledge and experience in the field of road safety. This expertise is crucial, as commercial fleets present unique challenges and risks. By tailoring our training to meet the specific Health and Safety policies of each client, we work to ensure that both employers’ and employees’ needs are met, enhancing safety and compliance across the board.

A Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

At Beyond Driving, we are committed to enhancing road safety through meticulous risk assessments and tailored training programs. Our work with National Grid in Grantham is just one example of how we are helping companies nationwide to safeguard their employees and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, while also managing costs effectively.

For businesses looking to enhance their driving safety protocols, Beyond Driving offers a proven track record of excellence and a commitment to delivering bespoke, effective solutions.


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