Llanberis Mountain Rescue

Beyond Driving Trains Llanberis Mountain Rescue in 4×4 Driving Skills

We, have been busy in North Wales this week training Llanberis Mountain Rescue. It was a fantastic week of training for the rescue team, which will help them enhance their driving skills and enable them to respond quickly and efficiently in emergency situations.

The RoSPA 4×4 Instructor Course is ideal for organisations that want to deliver quality in-house training to their team. Beyond Driving’s team of experienced instructors trains and certifies instructors, enabling them to provide their own in-house training to employees. This approach not only saves time and money but also allows for a more tailored training experience for the team.

The 4×4 driving instructor courses cover a wide range of topics, from operating a winch to driving risk assessments. This flexibility allows organisations to develop and deliver instructor training that meets their specific needs. The courses are designed to provide staff with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver fleet driver training, as well as off-road driving courses.

Beyond Driving also runs standards check training courses, which enable instructors to keep up with changes to the former check test. The courses focus on coaching techniques, fault identification and analysis, as well as session risk management both with learners and with driving development sessions with experienced drivers. This ensures that instructors are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge needed to provide high-quality training to their team.

The recent training of Llanberis Mountain Rescue is an example of how Beyond Driving is committed to helping organisations enhance their driving skills and improve their response to emergencies. The team at Beyond Driving is proud to have played a role in training the Llanberis Mountain Rescue team and helping them serve their community more effectively.

Overall, Beyond Driving’s 4×4 driving instructor courses offer a flexible and tailored approach to in-house training, which can be customised to meet the specific needs of organisations. With experienced instructors and a focus on the latest coaching techniques and risk management, Beyond Driving is the ideal partner for organisations looking to enhance their team’s driving skills and capabilities.


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