Beyond Driving Leads the Way in Professional ATV Operator Training

Beyond Driving Leads the Way in Professional ATV Operator Training

Beyond Driving has recently embarked on a fulfilling venture in Cumbria, delivering ATV operator training to the City of Trees initiative. Amidst breathtaking views, our team engaged in a productive day, aligning our expertise with the vision of City of Trees – a green recovery and a proactive response to the climate emergency through tree planting and woodland restoration in Greater Manchester.

What is an ATV? ATV, or All-Terrain Vehicles, are crucial in farming and forestry, with two main types:

  1. Sit-Astride ATV (Quad Bikes): These are single-rider vehicles with a central seat, low-pressure tires, and handlebars for control.
  2. Side by Side ATV or Sit-in ATVs (UTVs/RTVs): These vehicles accommodate a driver and a passenger. Larger versions may have a second row of seats.

Why Professional Training Matters: Starting November 2023, UK law mandates accredited training for anyone operating an ATV for work, coupled with a requirement to wear a helmet. At Beyond Driving, our ATV training courses are meticulously designed for workplace operators, ensuring the highest standards of health and safety. While a specific quad bike license isn’t mandatory, comprehensive training is vital in accordance with PUWER 98 regulations.

Assured Training: Our assured Sit-Astride All-Terrain Vehicle (Quad Bike) certification facilitates compliance with regulations advised by the Health and Safety Executive. Beyond Driving’s courses are tailored to various situations and terrains, encompassing agricultural settings, industrial operations, forestry work, and specialised scenarios such as ATV use with towed gritters and snowploughs.

Discover More: Explore the essential training needed for staff handling ATVs in farming and forestry by visiting our informative guide here.

City of Trees Goals: City of Trees, a beacon of environmental responsibility, strives to:

  • Plant 3 million trees across Greater Manchester within five years, symbolizing one for every individual in the region.
  • Restore greenspaces and woodlands for the mutual benefit of communities and wildlife.
  • Inspire a passion for trees and woods through projects focused on planting, creating, and managing woodlands.

At Beyond Driving, we are proud to contribute to the success of initiatives like City of Trees, promoting safety and competence in ATV operations. For more information on our diverse training programs, visit Beyond Driving. Elevate your team’s skills and ensure a safer, more efficient working environment!


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