Beyond Driving Enhances Trailer Handling Skills for Kirklees Council and Project Seagrass

Beyond Driving Enhances Trailer Handling Skills for Kirklees Council and Project Seagrass

We’re excited to share updates on our recent RoSPA-assured trailer handling courses, delivered this week to Kirklees Council in Yorkshire and Project Seagrass in Bridgend. Our expert instructors have been on-site, providing valuable training to enhance trailer handling skills and promote road safety.

At the end of 2021, significant changes to towing trailer laws eliminated the car and trailer towing test, allowing license holders to tow by default. Now over two years later, confusion still persists regarding the new law. To address common questions and provide insights, we’re answering queries and sharing top tips from our specialist driving instructors.

Your Questions Answered: Can I Tow A Trailer?

Absolutely! All license holders can now tow a trailer, horsebox, or caravan without an additional test. However, rules vary based on when you obtained your driver’s license.

  • Before 1 January 1997: Allowed to drive a vehicle and trailer with a combined weight of up to 8250kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM).
  • After 1 January 1997: Allowed to tow a trailer up to 3,500kg MAM.

From 16 December 2021, DVLA automatically updates licenses, adding Category BE for trailer towing.

Motorway Towing Restrictions:

  • National speed limit on motorways: 70mph.
  • When towing a trailer or caravan: Reduced to 60mph for safety and stability.

Towing a Horse Trailer: Yes! Towing a horse trailer is permitted without a test. Check weight limits based on when you passed your test.

Training for Trailer Towing: Is It Necessary?

While not legally required, DVSA recommends training from a specialist driving instructor. Beyond Driving’s courses offer hands-on practice for on-road towing, focusing on essential skills, awareness, and safe driving in various scenarios.

Can Anyone Do a Trailer Course?

Absolutely! Beyond Driving and DVSA recommend completing a trailer handling course before your first tow. Employers can conduct regular training to fulfill health and safety policies, ensuring instruction and training per PUWER regulations.

Trailer Course Costs: Varies based on qualified instructors, weight limits, specific requirements, and accreditation. Beyond Driving’s courses are uniquely assured by RoSPA, meeting the highest teaching and delivery standards.

Top Tips for Responsible Towing: Our expert instructors share key tips:

  1. Safety First – Conduct basic safety checks every time.
  2. Secure Your Load – Ensure even weight distribution for stability.
  3. Invest in Towing Mirrors – Essential for proper visibility.
  4. Never Hurry – Allow ample time for a smooth journey.
  5. Practice Cornering – Take wide turns to avoid accidents.
  6. Braking – Consider the increased stopping distance.
  7. Always Check Your Setup – Regular walkarounds during the journey.
  8. Practise Reversing – Take your time and use an assistant when possible.

For more details on our RoSPA-assured trailer handling course, visit Beyond Driving Trailer Training. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a newcomer to towing, Beyond Driving is here to equip you with the skills needed for safe and responsible trailer handling. Contact us today to discuss your trailer training requirements!


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