Beyond Driving Empowers London Ambulance Service HART with Winch and Polaris Operator Training

Beyond Driving Empowers London Ambulance Service HART with Winch and Polaris Operator Training

Strengthening Skills for London Ambulance’s Hazardous Area Response Team

Beyond Driving is delighted to share our recent engagement with the London Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team (HART). Over the past few days, we’ve been hard at work, delivering essential Winch and Polaris operator training to this highly skilled and professional organisation.

The London Ambulance Service HART team plays a pivotal role in providing medical assistance in challenging and hazardous environments. The successful execution of their duties often relies on their proficiency in operating winches and Polaris vehicles. Ensuring that they are well-prepared for these demanding tasks is a priority for both Beyond Driving and the London Ambulance Service.

Our training approach is designed to equip the HART team with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the intricacies of winch and Polaris operations. The training covers a wide range of topics, including safe handling techniques, equipment familiarisation, hazard identification, risk assessment, and emergency procedures.

What sets Beyond Driving apart is our commitment to tailoring our training to the specific needs of our clients. In the case of the London Ambulance Service HART team, we delivered this vital training using their own equipment and at their location. This ensures that the training is not only relevant but also directly applicable to their operational context.

Our courses encompass a variety of equipment types, including hand winches (tirfor or capstan types), vehicle-mounted winches (hydraulic, PTO, or electric, including fast spool types), and stand-alone winches (static or trailer-mounted). By using the equipment candidates will be expected to use in their roles, we can provide a highly effective and practical training experience.

Beyond Driving takes immense pride in delivering training that aligns with industry best practices and safety standards. This partnership with the London Ambulance Service HART team reaffirms our commitment to empowering professionals with the expertise they need to excel in their roles.

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