Beyond Driving Delivers Successful 4×4 Operator Programme to Farrant Construction in Bury St Edmonds

Beyond Driving is a specialist provider of advanced driver training, with a focus on off-road and 4×4 driving. Recently, we had the opportunity to deliver a 4-day ROSPA 4×4 operator programme to Farrant Construction, a construction company based in Bury St Edmonds. In this article, we will discuss the details of this programme and how it helped Farrant Construction improve their 4×4 driving skills and safety.

The ROSPA 4×4 operator programme is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of off-road driving techniques, risk assessment, and vehicle control. The programme consists of both theory and practical sessions, allowing participants to develop their skills in a controlled and safe environment.

Day 1 of the programme began with a classroom session, covering the basics of 4×4 driving and risk assessment. Participants learned about the different types of terrain they may encounter, the hazards associated with off-road driving, and how to conduct a thorough risk assessment before starting a journey. This session was followed by a practical session, where participants had the opportunity to practice their skills on a range of terrain types, including steep inclines, side slopes, and water crossings.

Day 2 of the programme focused on vehicle maintenance and safety checks. Participants learned how to conduct pre-trip checks on 4×4 vehicles, including checking the oil, water, and other essential fluids. They also learned how to identify and rectify common faults, such as punctures, before setting off on a journey.

Day 3 of the programme involved a full day of practical driving, where participants had the opportunity to develop their skills further. The day included a range of challenges, including navigating through deep water, driving over rocky terrain, and tackling steep inclines. Participants also learned how to recover a vehicle in case of a breakdown, using a winch and other recovery equipment.

Day 4 of the programme focused on reviewing what had been covered throughout the previous three days, and participants were given the opportunity to ask any questions they had. They were also given an assessment of their driving skills, and those who passed the assessment received a ROSPA 4×4 operator certificate.

The programme was a resounding success, and participants reported a significant improvement in their driving skills and safety awareness. Farrant Construction was particularly impressed with the level of detail and professionalism shown by the Beyond Driving team, and they have since booked further training sessions for their staff.

The ROSPA 4×4 operator programme delivered by Beyond Driving to Farrant Construction was a comprehensive and engaging course, designed to develop participants’ skills and safety awareness in off-road driving. The combination of theory and practical sessions ensured that participants were well-equipped to handle a range of terrain types and driving conditions, and the programme has undoubtedly contributed to improving safety on Farrant Construction’s worksites.


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