Beyond Driving Delivers UTV Instructors Course to Lincolnshire Police

Beyond Driving Delivers UTV Instructors Course to Lincolnshire Police

Empowering Police Instructors with Specialised UTV Training

Beyond Driving is excited to announce the successful delivery of a RoSPA UTV Instructors Course to the esteemed instructors of Lincolnshire Police. Over the course of a few days, our expert team conducted this comprehensive training at the Wragby and Mablethorpe locations, utilising the client’s own equipment and a diverse range of terrains, including sand dunes and beach terrains.

Our UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) Instructors Course provides organisations with an ideal solution to deliver high-quality in-house training programmes to their colleagues. It enables the development of competent and knowledgeable instructors who can impart specialised UTV training to their fellow colleagues, ensuring enhanced operational capabilities and safety.

During the training, our experienced instructors worked closely with the Lincolnshire Police Instructors, focusing on the unique aspects of UTV operation, safety, and instructional techniques. The course covered a wide range of essential topics, including vehicle familiarisation, control techniques, obstacle negotiation, risk assessment, emergency procedures, and effective instructional methodologies.

The training was conducted in Wragby and Mablethorpe, allowing the participants to experience different terrains and practice their UTV handling skills in various challenging environments, including sand dunes and beach terrains. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, our instructors ensured a comprehensive learning experience for the Lincolnshire Police instructors.

Beyond Driving takes immense pride in delivering practical and relevant training that utilises the client’s own equipment. By doing so, we enable participants to become intimately familiar with the UTVs they will be working with in real-life scenarios, maximising their learning outcomes and applicability.

Our UTV Instructors Course empowers organisations like Lincolnshire Police to establish a strong internal training capacity. By equipping their instructors with the necessary skills and knowledge, they can provide ongoing UTV training to their colleagues, ensuring consistent and up-to-date standards of operational excellence.

Beyond Driving is dedicated to providing high-quality instructor courses that meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our courses are designed to not only enhance individual skills but also promote effective instructional techniques, ensuring that knowledge is transferred effectively to the broader team.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Lincolnshire Police for choosing Beyond Driving as their training partner. It has been our privilege to work with their esteemed instructors and contribute to their professional development. Through our UTV Instructors Course, we have equipped them with the necessary tools to deliver exceptional UTV training within their organisation.

If you are interested in developing an in-house UTV training programme or exploring our range of specialised instructor courses, please visit our website here for more information. Beyond Driving is committed to providing bespoke training solutions that empower organisations to enhance their operational capabilities through comprehensive and effective training.

Contact us today to discuss how Beyond Driving can assist your organisation in developing a tailored training solution that meets your unique requirements. Together, let us drive beyond boundaries and empower your team for success.


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