Beyond Driving Delivers Trailer Handling Course for BT in Cardiff and Enfield

Beyond Driving Delivers Trailer Handling Course for BT in Cardiff and Enfield

At Beyond Driving, safety and proficiency are at the core of our training philosophy. This week, our RoSPA assured trailer training instructor team had the privilege of delivering the Trailer Handling Course to the dedicated professionals at BT (British Telecom) at their sites in Cardiff and Enfield.

Expert Instructors for Comprehensive Training

Our instructors are not just qualified driving instructors; they are also RoSPA certified 4×4 and trailer trainers. This additional certification reflects our commitment to providing training conducted to the highest standards, with a focus on occupational road risk issues associated with trailer use.

Addressing Occupational Road Risk

While there is no legal requirement to use DVSA ADIs for B+E training, Beyond Driving recognises the inherent road risk associated with trailer use. Our training approach combines the expertise of qualified driving instructors with the added assurance of RoSPA certification, ensuring both knowledge and safety are at the forefront of our courses.

Benefits of RoSPA Assured Trailer Training:

  1. Health & Safety Compliance:
    • Our training aligns with internal Health & Safety policies and procedures, ensuring compliance in trailer handling.
  2. Risk Reduction:
    • Equipping drivers with essential skills reduces the risk of incidents, contributing to lower vehicle and insurance costs.
  3. Cost Savings:
    • Lowering incidents results in reduced vehicle and insurance costs, providing a tangible return on investment.
  4. Driver Confidence:
    • Building driver knowledge enhances confidence, contributing to safer and more effective vehicle use.
  5. Improved Safety on Roads:
    • Enhanced skills benefit not only the drivers but also contribute to improved safety for all road users.
  6. Employee Retention:
    • Investing in people through training improves employee retention, fostering a skilled and loyal workforce.

Tailored Training for On Road Trailer Handling:

While our team is experienced in delivering off-road trailer courses for various sectors, this week’s training was specifically designed for on-road drivers, especially those towing trailers in built-up urban areas. The focus was on addressing risks associated with trailer driving, heavy traffic, and navigating small rural lanes.

Comprehensive On Road Trailer Towing Training:

Our on-road trailer towing and handling course address:

  • Risks associated with driving a trailer and interacting with other road users.
  • Risks of driving in heavy traffic and small rural lanes.
  • Safe uncoupling of trailers.

Accessible Training for All Licence Holders:

This trailer training course is suitable for anyone with a full driver’s licence obtained after 1997. We offer trailer test training for the DVSA category B+E Car and Trailer test at selected venues. Our training vehicles are modern, well-appointed combinations, ensuring a focus on safety during training sessions.

For organisations seeking comprehensive trailer handling training tailored to their needs and H&S policies, Beyond Driving is the trusted partner. Whether delivered at our centres or on your premises, our face-to-face training blends practical sessions with assessments, ensuring drivers are well-prepared for on-road trailer handling challenges.

Visit our Trailer Training Page for more information on our courses, and discover how Beyond Driving can elevate trailer handling skills within your organisation.


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