Beyond Driving Collaborates with East Midlands Ambulance Service HART for 4×4 Instructor Training

Empowering the Professionals of East Midlands Ambulance Service with Specialised Training

At Beyond Driving, we are dedicated to enhancing driver training and promoting safety. We are delighted to share our recent collaboration with the East Midlands Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team (HART), where we have been diligently delivering instructor training. It’s always a privilege to work with another outstanding organisation committed to saving lives.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service HART team plays a pivotal role in providing medical assistance in complex and hazardous environments. Their operations often involve 4×4 vehicles, making it essential that their team is well-prepared not only to operate these vehicles safely but also to pass on their expertise effectively.

Beyond Driving’s 4×4 instructor training programmes are designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge for professionals to deliver high-quality, specialised training in-house. This approach is ideal for organisations that aim to keep their training programmes internal, ensuring that their trainers are fully equipped to meet the unique demands of their roles.

Our dedicated team has been hard at work, focusing on honing the skills of the East Midlands Ambulance Service HART team. We’re delighted to be part of their mission to save lives and provide medical assistance in challenging scenarios.

Our 4×4 instructor training programme stands out for its comprehensive approach. It includes not just the technical aspects of 4×4 vehicle operation but also the importance of risk assessment, dynamic risk management, and understanding the legislative framework within which all organisations operate. Safety is paramount in all aspects of our training, and we ensure that participants are well-versed in maintaining the highest safety standards.

For those with extensive experience in All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) driving and considering a move towards becoming an ATV instructor, Beyond Driving offers a natural progression. We are among the few centres offering an ATV Instructor Course certified by RoSPA. Whether you’re a government organisation or a private business looking to keep your training in-house, we can tailor our training to your specific needs. We can deliver training on your premises or at one of our dedicated off-road training centres throughout the UK.

In addition to our 4×4 instructor training, we have a course for individuals looking to become a quad bike or ATV (sit astride) instructor. Furthermore, we have developed a specific course for those aiming to train others in ATV (sit in) vehicles.

If you’re interested in becoming a certified 4×4 or ATV instructor or seeking training for your organisation, we encourage you to explore our comprehensive instructor training courses. You can find more information by visiting our website here.

Join us in our mission to elevate training standards, promote safety, and ensure the proficiency of your team. Contact us today to explore how Beyond Driving can support your organisation’s training requirements.


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