Beyond 4x4 have a long history of working with volunteer responders, so it was a privilege to be invited to run a series of RoSPA accredited winch training courseswith the BARB Search & Rescue personnel recently.

BARB run two hovercraft and an inshore rescue boat in the Bridgwater Bay area and around the mudflats of the Bristol Channel. The boats and hovercraft can be towed to the area where they are required to be deployed with 4x4s fitted with winches and suitably equipped. Staffed entirely by excellent volunteers who are dedicated to the work that they do in the area, we ensured that their training suited their requirements by using their vehicles in exactly the kind of environments which are likely to present winching and recovery scenarios.

As with all of the volunteer organisations we work with, BARB need donations and support to ensure that they can continue the essential work they do. Along with their website, you can also follow them on facebook and twitter.