For many years, skid pan training has been used as either a staff incentive, or as part of a company driver training program but we have decided that we will no longer offer this option unless the risk management plan for drivers demands it.

Often run using skid cars on cradles, or on a wide, flat testing ground area, they are a controlled way of experiencing vehicle slide, which can be interesting and fun. However, according to the IRF Report on Skid Pan Training the effectiveness of short course skills training on driver safety (with specific reference to skid pan courses) is limited, and possibly even counterproductive.

All of Beyond Driving's training courses are aimed at improving drivers' perception of risk, rather than focusing on remedial measures for problems which could be avoided, and our primary aim is to improve the perception of risk, with the goal of improving driver safety overall.

Where low-friction training is required, such as in our 4x4 Familiarisation and Winter Awareness courses, we will include training in the required skills to control skids, whilst continuing to focus on awareness, anticipation and avoidance where possible.