Van driver familiarisation, assessment and training is an essential tool for fleet managment and H&S, aiding compliance, reducing fuel and maintenance costs and improving driver morale and the public image of your fleet.

Van Driver Training Courses

  • Accredited training, run from the workplace
  • Half-day/full-day training
  • From £250/candidate (minimum 2 candidates/day)
  • Defensive Eco-Driving courses are proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% and reduce occupational road risk, and as part of a driver development policy can reduce incidents by up to 30%
  • RoSPA Advanced On-Road Driving Assessment and Development (LCV) certificate

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Our RoSPA Van Driver Training courses have evolved from the original SAFED courses which started in the heavy goods arena. With the success of the LGV and Aggregates courses, the government widened the remit and the DfT (Department for Transport) developed the SAFED for Vans course.

LCV familiarisation, driver safety and fuel efficiency courses have a proven track record in reducing diesel consumption, improving vehicle sympathy and reducing risk. When drivers take on board the simple driving techniques they can save on average 10% on your fuel costs. If your van drivers continue to drive in the safer more efficient manner then in the longer term you will generate substantial savings on maintenance and insurance.

Van awareness training also aids you to fulfil Health and Safety requirements for training your staff, improving compliance by ensuring that staff understand the legal requirements on loading and speed limits, and are aware of the added risks from manual handling and restricted vision.

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For those companies who are looking at their interview process and driver recruitment, or who want a consitent and auditable ongoing process, we also provide online driver assessment and van driver e-learning courses.

We can also provide the SAFED Van Assessor, which is ideal for larger companies who want their own In-House trainers.

  • 3-5 days of training (depending upon experience and candidate numbers)
  • From your workplace
  • Up to 2 candidates

An assessor is not a trainer, but is a member of staff who is trained to be able to identify those employees who may need further training. With an in-house assessor, you can prioritise who recieves training, ensuring that you get the most from your training budget.

Beyond Driving have been involved in training In-house Driving Assessors for several companies. With our experience of training both drivers and assessors we can help you to streamline your driver assessment programme to ensure that you fulfil your H&S requirements as well as improving the efficiency of your fleet, while keeping costs to a minimum.

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