Specialist vehicles such as the Unimog, Pinzgauer and Hagglunds BV206 require specialist on and off-road training. At Beyond 4×4 we have the expertise to provide courses for a wide range of vehicles designed for specific circumstances. From adapted vehicles, 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and tracked, to standard category C and C1 vehicles with or without trailers.

Specialist, emergency access & heavy vehicles training

We are currently reviewing our specialist vehicles training, and some courses are no longer available.

We have access to sites suitable for training heavier vehicles as well as amphibious, skid steered and tracked machines. Our trainers are experienced in training emergency response drivers off-road and we provide instructor training courses for organisations who have suitable candidates.

Vehicle familiarisation modules for drivers using vehicles on-road are essential for many of these machines. When combined with comprehensive off-road driver training, these courses assist clients to fulfil the training recommendations for PUWER compliance. We adapt all courses to suit the requirements of our clients, to ensure that training is both task and terrain specific.

For more information on specialist vehicle training, or Pinzgauer, Hagglunds or Unimog courses, contact us.