UK Familiarisation

The UK Driver Familiarisation course module is specifically designed for company car and Category B van drivers who drive private or company vehicles, and who are new to the UK and not familiar with driving on the left, the Highway Code, road signs and markings.

It can also cover the co-ordination required for gear changing for drivers who have only previously driven left-hand drive vehicles.

Geared towards drivers recruited from abroad, or those returning to the UK after a long period.

UK Familiarisation driver training courses:

  • RoSPA accredited Advanced On-Road Driving Assessment and Development certificate
  • Venue: Client’s premises using company’s own vehicles
  • Duration: 1/2 day or full day
  • Cost: from £250/candidate (minimum 2 candidates)
  • Trainer qualifications: DfT (DVSA) ADI and RoSPA certified instructor
  • Benefits:
    • Right hand drive vehicle co-ordination
    • Driving skills update to best UK practice
    • Improve fuel economy and vehicle sympathy
    • Occupational Safety and Health compliance
  • Report: A written report of the candidate’s performance, together with recommendations of further driver development requirements, if applicable, satisfying your Policy for Occupational Safety and Health.

For more information about the UK Driver Familiarisation course, please contact us.