Trailer Training Courses (B+E) – on and off-road:

We provide trailer training and assessments for occupational risk management purposes within several organisations. We will ensure that your drivers have the skills required to tow safely in busy road environments, or away from surfaced roads.

For drivers who gained their driving licence after 1997, we can provide test training for the DVSA category B+E Car and Trailer test at selected venues. This training is undertaken with modern, well appointed vehicle and trailer combinations which are simple to drive, to ensure that drivers can focus on safety. We cover the reversing manoeuvre, uncoupling and coupling exercise and all of the show and tell questions you may have to answer on the test itself.

Our vocational 4×4 towing courses are designed to ensure that drivers understand the risks presented by a heavier train, as well as those posed (especially off-road) by the articulation between tractor unit (4×4, 6×6) and the trailer. Clearance issues are covered, as well as the dangers of bogging an unpowered trailer. Equipment specs are covered in detail.

We can also provide RoSPA accredited trailer handling courses, including occupational on-road and off-road trailer training. Though there is no requirement in law to use DVSA ADIs for B+E training, we will only use qualified driving instructors, who are also RoSPA certified 4×4 & trailer trainers, as there is an occupational road risk issue inherent in all trailer use (with elements included in the off-road courses). This provides both us and you with an added level of expertise to draw upon, as well as safety in the knowledge that the training has been conducted to the highest level.

  • On and off-road trailer handling assessments
  • On and off-road trailer handling
  • B+E licence test training at selected venues

Trailer use off-road is hazardous at best, so if you are considering purchasing trailers for off-road use, or updating current equipment, please contact us as we can help to ensure that your machines are capable and meet H&S best practice for both the terrain and the task that you require them to undertake.

Please contact us for more information, and to provide a training proposal.