Speed Awareness

Driver Speed Awareness courses for company drivers can be used proactively to ensure that employees continue to drive legally and safely, or as an intervention for those at risk of offending. Using simple techniques to make safe progress while understanding speed limits can mean that drivers get from A to B without lengthening journey times.

As one of the 'Fatal Four', speeding is considered a high risk behaviour which employers want to address at the earliest opportunity.

These courses can be run company-wide as part of a defensive driving initiative, or used individually for drivers who have a record of speeding either through in-vehicle trackers or from fixed penalty notices, to reduce the likelihood of re-offending or bans. These courses help to keep drivers efficient and legal with vital employees staying on the road, while reducing fleet insurance costs.

Speed Awareness Training Courses

Accredited training, run from the workplace
Half-day/full-day training
From £250/candidate (minimum 2 candidates/day)
Defensive Eco-Driving courses are proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% and reduce occupational road risk, and as part of a driver development policy can reduce incidents by up to 30%
RoSPA accredited Advanced On-Road Driving Assessment and Development (LCV) certificate
Working with RoSPA certified instructors to provide driver training in hazard and speed awareness, aimed at developing drivers PRIOR to being detected speeding and for drivers who need knowledge and skills development in regard to their perception of hazards and awareness of speed.

Our Speed Awareness courses are aimed at occupational drivers who have a higher likelihood of involvement in Road Traffic Collisions than private drivers due to their higher mileage. It is designed to reduce speeding and improve hazard and speed awareness. It is is an essential part of the fleet risk management toolbox, promoting safe driving and reducing the risk of driving bans, fines, prosecutions, higher insurance premiums or civil action.

All training is client centred learning by coaching and is tailored to the training requirements of the client.

Venue: Dependent upon needs – speed awareness training should be undertaken in familiar areas, while covering everyday situations.
Trainer: DVSA Fleet Registered Trainer & ADI, RoSPA certified instructor
Benefits: Improved insurance costs, employee retention, reduced down-time.
RoSPA accredited Advanced On-Road Driving Assessment and Development certificate
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