RoSPA accredited Defensive Eco-Driving courses, for van and company car drivers - fewer incidents and improved fuel efficiency.

Reduce your annual vehicle fuel bills, and cut your vehicle maintenance bills by reducing accident damage. Our Fuel Efficient Defensive Driving (FEDD) course is a RoSPA accredited course with a proven record. Where required, both SAFED for Vans and Energy Saving Trust Eco-Driving courses can be run.

Fuel Efficient Defensive Driving training courses:

  • Run from the workplace
  • RoSPA Accredited
  • Half-day training
  • From £250/candidate (minimum 2 candidates/day)
  • Defensive Eco-Driving courses are proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% and reduce occupational road risk, and as part of a driver development policy can reduce incidents by up to 30%
  • RoSPA accredited Advanced On-Road Driving Assessment and Development certificate

For more information about our fuel efficiency and defensive driving courses, just get in touch: 01684 217 152

During the training, we introduce simple techniques to enable drivers to reduce their fuel consumption without increasing journey times. Environmentally friendly driving techniques are also inherently defensive and many companies find that drivers adopting these techniques can reduce their collision and incident rates significantly.

These courses can be run company-wide as part of an eco-driving initiative, or they can be used individually for drivers who need to use high consumption vehicles, or whose annual mileage is high. Our eco-driving courses can pay for themselves within months.

Eco-Driver Training - Fuel Efficiency Courses from the EST

The Energy Saving Trust have recently opened up their training so that independent providers can run their renowned courses with full accreditation. The Ecodriving course can either be incorporated into one of our traditional defensive driving courses, or it can be run as a short-course option. The 50 minute short-course allows us to train up to eight drivers per day.

Funding is available for any of our courses which include the EST principles, which subsidises the cost of training to employers. With on-the-day fuel efficiencies averaging 14.4%, and proven ongoing savings of between 3%-6% in long-term studies, this approach is proven and effective.

For those employers who are looking at driver recruitment and ongoing audit trail, we provide online driver risk assessments and company car driver e-learning courses.

For more information on our RoSPA fuel efficient and defensive driving courses, or if you would like us to discuss a proposal, please contact us.