Driver Assessment

Driver Training and Risk Assessments are becoming an essential part of the Health and Safety regime of any UK company. Working throughout the UK, we have specialists who can assess drivers of company cars, vans, 4x4s, LGV, PCV, D1 and B+E combinations.

  • Run from your workplace
  • Includes written assessment and recommendations
  • From £125/candidate (minimum 4 drivers per day)

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Our in-vehicle Driver Risk Assessments can be carried out at your workplace and can be tailored to your needs. We can also provide online driver profiling prior to in-vehicle assessment or training.

At Beyond Driving our driver assessments may start with a short driving questionairre outlining each driver’s working practices and their vehicle use, to collate information on their regular journeys and driving history.

We then recommend a practical on-road assessment, where we can accurately observe driving habits, attitude and decide whether any training would benefit the driver’s safety or reduce the employer’s costs regarding fuel, insurance and efficiency.

Once an assessment has taken place with all findings recorded, you will then receive a report outlining any risks present for individual drivers or through company practice. We will also recommend a course of action which may involve either further training for individual employees who are seen to be at risk through their driving, or implementation of driving policies company-wide to reduce occupational road risk.
Comprehensive Driver Risk Assessments

Driver Assessments should be carried out:

  • As part of the interview process (up to 6 drivers/day/assessor - assessment only)
  • With new employees who are expected to drive as part of their job (up to 2 drivers/day/assessor - assessment & basic training)
  • When drivers' vehicles change (up to 4 drivers/day/assessor - assessment & basic training)
  • Periodically, as part of the ongoing process of managing occupational road risk (up to 4 drivers/day/assessor - assessment & top-up training)

All of our fleet driver assessors are Driving Standards Agency Fleet Registered Trainers, RoSPA certified instructors and are qualified in assessing experienced drivers sensitively and diplomatically.

More in-depth assessments (2 drivers/day/assessor) also include essential training, covering vehicle checks and defensive driving. With many candidates this level of assessment and training covers H&S requirements with no further training necessary. At the end of these in-depth assessment and training sessions, drivers who we feel still have residual risk will be recommended for further driver training.

Every risk assessment is recorded and signed by the trainer and candidate, including any recommendations for further training and reports are made available to both candidates and fleet management.
Driver Reports and the paper trail:

All of our assessments and training is designed to be fully auditable in the case of an incident or investigation and can be designed to include:

  • DVLA License checks
  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Risk assessment prior to training
  • Training areas covered
  • Risk assessment post training
  • Recommendations for further training
  • Recommendations for changes to company driving policy

If at any point during the assessment and training process you need further information, we can provide it.
In-vehicle driver assessment costs:

For more information on driver assessments and training, or if you would like us to discuss a proposal, please contact us:

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