RoSPA accredited ATV Instructor Training course

Training to be an ATV instructor can be a simple process for those who already hold ATV certification and teaching or training qualifications, though professional experience with all-terrain vehicles in varied environments is the main requirement.

If you are looking to become, or to train a member of staff as, an ATV instructor, then we will help. We provide either an in-house ATV instructor course, with the reports and certification required to ensure that successful candidates can point to a proven track record. For those who wish to be able to provide a nationally recognise qualification, such as the RoSPA or Lantra-Awards Sit-In ATV Course, we can help candidates through the process with advice, guidance and training.

For the RoSPA accredited Professional ATV Instructor (Sit-Astride) course, we would require candidates to have:

  • Excellent knowledge of, and experience in using the machine and all attachments in the required environment
  • Excellent communication skills, preferably backed up with experience in training/supervision or assessment
  • First Aid qualification (minimum 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work)
  • Working knowledge of Health and Safety at Work (preferably a minimum of a level 1 qualification)

We would then provide:

  • RoSPA Sit-In ATV Operator certification (1 day)
  • Basic training skills, such as EDIP, levels of instruction or similar method of training candidates in new skill aquisition (1 day)
  • Assessment, fault finding, analysis and remedial action (1 day)
  • Session planning, site risk assessment and criteria based training assessment (1 day)

If candidates need to be able to provide a nationally recognised qualification, either as trainer or assessor, then we can provide guidance on the process, which requires similar qualifications, though often with a broader knowledge and experience base:

  • 5 years experience with a variety of machines, on a wide variety of terrain
  • Operator certification from the same awarding body
  • First Aid qualification
  • H&S qualification
  • Teaching qualification (PTTLS or similar)

Candidates are then usually expected to undergo a verification process, and be observed providing training.

We will always work with clients to ensure that candidates’ training is compliant with all legislation and that they hold a qualification relevant to the training they will be expected to provide. We will also advise clients on the most cost effective method of achieving their aims – the reason customers come back to us is because we are efficient and effective.

If you, or your staff need an ATV Instructor Training course, please contact us.