Drivers of Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs), especially the largest vehicles on the UK roads (articulated trucks and trailers), have a duty to themselves and to the public to ensure the safety of their driving and loads. Thorough C+E licence aquisition processes, and mandatory driver CPC are an essential part of this. Employers of LGV drivers have to assess the risk of their operations as part of their operators licence [O-Licence].

Beyond Driving can provide C+E LGV driver assessment services for interview and ongoing risk management purposes, as well as C+E licence aquisition and driver CPC courses.

The simplest way is to ensure that your truck fleet is running fuel efficiently, with minimal maintenance costs. Whether you are running interview assessments for new drivers, or wish to monitor standards within your fleet, practical driver assessments can benchmark driving standards, fuel efficiency and adherence to company policy such as vehicle check audits.

LGV C+E (HGV Class 1) Driver Assessment and Training

  • Accredited training, run from the workplace
  • Half-day/full-day training
  • From £250/candidate (minimum 2 candidates/day)
  • Defensive Eco-Driving courses are proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% and reduce occupational road risk, and as part of a driver development policy can reduce incidents by up to 30%
  • RoSPA accredited Advanced On-Road Driving Assessment and Development (LGV) certificate

Short recruitment assessments during driver interviews can reduce liability and give you peace of mind when employing new drivers. Practical, pragmatic on-road assessments with remedial training can help to keep your drivers up to standard. All of our trainers are experienced drivers themselves, with extensive knowledge of the vehicles.

  • Duration: For interview purposes: 50 minutes. Assessment and remedial training: 1 hour - 1 day dependent upon client requirements.
  • Venue: From your workplace.
  • Trainer: Experienced LGV/HGV driver and instructor
  • Benefits: Improvements in fuel consumption, reduced maintenance costs, reduced risk of incidents and collisions, improved company image, staff development.
  • Cost: From £400-£600/day, depending upon venue and candidate numbers.

In addition, we provide SAFED for HGVs and Driver CPC through our accredited colleagues.

For more information on assessing or training your LGV and HGV drivers, contact us: