4×4 Instructor Courses:

For companies and organisations who require candidates to train 4×4 drivers, we run a 3-5 day 4×4 instructor training course which is accredited by RoSPA.

Training to be a 4×4 or Off Road Instructor is something that many recreational offroaders think will lead to their dream job, and many candidates on our off-road courses are interested in whether they could become instructors themselves.

However, 4×4 training is an occupation, and as such, there is a constant focus on health and safety, including risk assessment and dynamic risk management. Understanding the legislative framework within which all organisations have to work is essential.

Professional off-road instructors are expected to have a sound basis in instructional techniques, excellent knowledge of the H&S legislation surrounding driving at work and full knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the whole range of 4×4 vehicles.

Professional operators need to know exactly what they should be doing with reference to current best practice, vehicle technology and all of the relevant legislation. Whether they’re on or off-road, drivers need to know all of the relevant techniques to ensure that they minimise risk to themselves or third parties.

Qualifications held by our 4×4 instructors:

  • Many years off-road driving experience
  • Wide knowledge of transmissions, differentials and other fitted equipment on a variety of different vehicles, not linked to a single manufacturer
  • Instructional techniques (for those not qualified as ADIs, PTLLS certificate or similar)
  • First Aid qualification
  • H&S qualification, up to Nebosh NGC
  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor registration

We provide 4×4 instructor training for in-house assessors or instructors where required, and we are more than happy to offer advice, guidance and assistance to anyone looking to become an instructor, or who requires staff or organisation members to become qualified as instructors under any of the national certification schemes.

RoSPA accredited 4×4 Professional Off Road Driving Instructor training course:

  • 4×4 Professional Off-Road Driving course – we deliver this over 2 days to candidate instructors and use both permanent 4wd vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender, as well as the more common selectable 2-4wd pick-up trucks.
  • Basic training skills, such as EDIP, levels of instruction or similar method of training candidates in new skill aquisition
  • Assessment, fault finding, analysis and remedial action
  • Session planning, site risk assessment and criteria based training assessment

Potential candidates for our 4×4 Instructor courses will be expected to have some experience in off-road vehicles and environments, and an good all-round knowledge of transmissions, differentials, diff-locks and vehicle equipment. We would also anticipate candidates having excellent communication skills and training or supervising experience, preferably with formal training in instruction/assessment.

At Beyond Driving, we have assisted off-road experienced drivers to become RoSPA and Lantra-Awards accredited 4x4 instructors, and trained instructors working within the emergency services, national and international organisations and companies. We have also worked with activity centre instructors to ensure session safety and risk management can be rigorously applied.

If you want to become a 4×4 instructor, or need employees or members of your organisation to be able to instruct in off-road capable vehicles, please get in touch.