We recently ran four days of 4×4 training for the Kendal Mountain Rescue team’s instructors and responders.

With the forthcoming Section 19 legislation, many issues regarding driver training and competence within the voluntary response sector are becoming pressing. Not least of these is the issue of 4×4 drivers and response driver training. We have been running instructor development courses for services and response trainers for several years.
4×4 Response Driver Training

4x4s are not suited to high speed response, but they are ideally suited to the terrain that the Mountain Rescue teams have to work in on a regular basis. We have adapted our Lantra-Awards 4×4 Course for search and rescue drivers, following on from the advanced driver training they already receive. As a national 4x4 training provider with access to highly qualified DVSA ADIs for off-road driver training, we are ideally placed to combine the skills required to drive progressively on-road, to the skills required for driving safely and effectively off-road. We use the principles of the Roadcraft system of car control and adapt them simply to the off-road situation.

The training was attended by an ADI, an IAM advanced driver, an HSE inspector along with several other professionals who are currently response drivers with the team. All of the candidates had a good amount of experience in driving the 4x4s (a Land Rover 110 ambulance and a Toyota Hilux) off-road, so we were able to spend time on really honing techniques and clarifying best practice so that they could disseminate the information they took in during the courses to other team members.

It was a great experience to work with such dedicated individuals, discussing 4×4 driving principles, legislation compliance and the design of training courses.

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