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Accredited company car & van driver training courses:

Driver training courses like the SAFED Van Training, online profiling, e-learning and regular driver risk assessments are essential tools to improve fleet efficiency. Our courses and assessments are designed to be cost effective, despite being run by some of the most experienced instructors in the industry.

Increases in fuel, insurance and maintenance costs place a burden on company budgets. Recent changes to Health & Safety legislation for company drivers, have increased liability. Defensive driving courses can help you make a huge impact on fleet costs while reducing your legal risks. Specialist skills training such as our 4×4 and off-road courses will provide drivers with the knowledge and techniques required to operate their vehicles efficiently in every environment.

Driving courses can be offset against tax. Government funding and subsidies can often be used to help reduce the cost. Training doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact Beyond Driving design all of their driving courses to pay for themselves:

  • Fuel Savings: 5-15%
  • Insurance Savings: 5-15%
  • Maintenance Savings: 5-15%

These cost savings are just the obvious ones. Hidden efficiencies, like stress reduction, accident and incident reduction, can often cover the cost. For example, 66% of company vehicles will be involved in an incident this year which will cost on average £1000 to the company.

  • Effective driver training courses can reduce incidents by half, saving companies an average of £333 per vehicle per year.

We will work with your employees current strengths to improve their assessment of road conditions and their risk/reward behaviour. We introduce simple skills which can be gained immediately. Used on a daily basis, these techniques will help drivers to develop courteous, safe and responsible habits. Where necessary, we will work with you to change company driving culture to ensure your representatives become ambassadors on the road.

By building a training programme into your fleet management, company directors and fleet managers will reduce their exposure to Health and Safety at Work regulations, and the new “Corporate Manslaughter” charge.

If you are interested in how our coaching and advice could help you reduce your fleet costs, contact us. We will provide you with a proposal free of charge. We can provide driver training courses and driving assessments across the whole of the UK.

Contact us now for a free consultation and training proposal:

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