ATV Training

Professional training for Sit-In ATV drivers using either conventional or skid-steered machines. Our network of professional all-terrain vehicle trainers will provide RoSPA accredited Sit-In ATV certificated courses to assist with your PUWER compliance. (Beyond Driving also run RoSPA Quad Bike Training.)

RoSPA accredited Professional ATV Operator (Sit-In):

Our experienced specialist ATV instructors will ensure that your operators get the most from their training. Whether your employees are using their machines on hard ground around car parks or pedestrian areas, or in testing off-road conditions, health and safety as well as efficiency will be required. With additional modules covering loading, securing for transport, towing trailers or trailed equipment and the operation of attachments can be included to ensure that the training is appropriate to your needs.

Snowploughs and Gritting Trailers

We also regularly adapt our ATV and quad bike courses to include the use of snowploughs and gritter trailers, where clients require machines and personnel to clear car parks and communal areas of snow and ice. This training has been developed with estates managers from university campuses and hospitals, as well as commercial premises, shopping centres and business parks preparing their winter resilience plans.

Courses are designed for professional ATV operators to be able to safely and confidently use these versatile vehicles.

The RoSPA certificated training is intended to enable candidates to:

  • comply with legal requirements with an emphasis on safe practice
  • identify the risks associated with using a sit-In ATV
  • select and use appropriate P.P.E.
  • understand the main causes of accidents
  • identify and understand the function of the controls and components
  • carry out daily and pre-start checks as indicated in the Operator’s Manual
  • identify and operate 2wd and 4×4 systems
  • identify and report any faults
  • start up and drive over a variety of terrain and ground conditions
  • carry out a ‘Failed Hill’ climb (full course only)
  • risk assess and plan safe routes
  • operate the Sit-In ATV safely on a variety of slopes and terrain (full course only)
  • identify loading/towing capacities
  • drive with loads and trailed equipment (full course)
  • unload, load and secure for transport (on trailer/lorry) on the road (if appropriate)
  • understand legal and practical requirements for travelling on the public road
  • identify track profile and weight transfer

  • ATV training Venue: Courses can be undertaken at your workplace or at one of our venues across the UK.
  • Cost: Course prices will vary from between £200-£500/candidate depending upon number of candidates, venue and hire of equipment.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Candidate numbers: Minimum 2 candidates, Maximum 3 candidates/instructor (up to 9 candidates/day depending upon availability of instructors)

For more information on our Sit-astride ATV courses, please contact us.